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RE: Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement

Greetings Mr. Customer,

In order to expedite our pending transaction please find below an Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement.  
Please fill in this agreement and fax (your fax #) back to our office at your earliest convenience.

Note: Edit all areas in Blue and remove this line of instruction before sending to your customer.




Contract Number: insert Invoice or Contract number here if applicable
Date: insert date here
PRODUCT: insert product description here
BUYER'S CURRENCY: insert the currency that will be used for this transaction
QUANTITY: insert product quantity here
Total: insert quantity for the life of the contract (e.g 1000 units per month X 12 months = 12,000 units total)
Every month Quantity: insert number of units per month can be changed to week, month, year or if this is a one time only transaction this line may be eliminated.
TERM: insert Length of Contract here
SELLERS PRICE: insert price per unit here
TOTAL AGENT FEES: insert your fee here
TOTAL AMOUNT OF TRANSACTION: insert total value of contract here

Sell Side Intermediaries:
1. Pay xxxxx the amount of: enter your commission or fee here
2. insert Intermediaries name here Fee to be paid insert fee to be paid here
(can be a % or per unit)


Total fees of as listed above to be paid by insert Bank/Paymaster here on behalf of the Seller represented by insert Paymaster/Bank Official (this is usually the bank that created the LOC), to the intermediaries.

Each and every payment will be divided as outlined herein. The aggregate funds available in each delivery for payment to the intermediaries will be divided per the schedule above and wire transferred to the intermediaries immediately upon the completion of the individual delivery.

1. Any alterations to this Fee Protection Agreement document from its original form will cause it to be null and void.
2. Any subsequent fully authorized, signed and sealed Fee Protection Agreements will not alter this Fee Protection Agreement or supersede this Fee Protection Agreement


Enter the Name of the Seller's Bank Here is designated as the Seller's Paymaster for this transaction will be instructed with full legal authority and corporate responsibility upon execution of the above transaction and for and in consideration of the services rendered by the individuals or corporation designated herein, irrevocably to pay or cause to pay, in Name Currency Here, (example $US Dollars) to the intermediaries amount per shipment as indicated.

All payments are to be made by Bank Wire Transfer separately to each Intermediary immediately upon closing of each transaction and is to be made without restrictions, imposts, impediments, free of any National or local taxes, duties and liens or delays of any kinds whatsoever.

All associated banking costs are to be deducted from commissions and accounted for in writing.

The Bank, as paymaster and upon execution of this irrevocable order and for each and every delivery, shall immediately distribute the amount entitled to each named bank account without delay.

A need for change of an Intermediaries Banking Coordinates may arise from time to time. In such instances the Seller agrees to conform to all demands for new banking instructions as soon as such demands are formulated and verified by the Intermediary in writing.

This Document:
This signed document in original or fax copies shall be deemed original of all purposes.
This document binds all parties for a period of 5 years from the date of this document. All parties hereby agree not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent any of the parties involved in this transaction and/or any other transaction now pending.

This irrevocable fee pay order is valid upon signing of the Buy and Sell Agreement by and between INSERT Buyer's name here and INSERT Seller's name here.

This Agreement shall remain valid and enforceable for the full term of the Buy and Sell Agreement and will include all rolls and extensions.

This MFPA shall be valid and binding upon execution of the contract by both the buyer and seller of Contract Reference Code: INSERT CONTRACT NUMBER OR NAME HERE

This signed document forms an integral part of the contract above and shall be attached to said contract.

The undersigned hereby irrevocably guarantee, fully authorized by the Seller and with full personal and corporate responsibility and under penalty of perjury to honor all payments to all intermediaries for the entirety of the contract

Signed and Sealed


Print the name of the Bank Official here
(Name Seller's Bank here)


Banking Coordinates for:

(your company name)

Representative:enter your information here or if non-applicable write in NA
Name of Bank: enter your information here or if non-applicable write in NA
SWIFT Wiring Number: enter your information here or if non-applicable write in NA
Branch Name: enter your information here or if non-applicable write in NA
Bank Address: enter your information here or if non-applicable write in NA
Bank Officer: att:(Bank Officer's name here)
Bank Phone: enter your information here or if non-applicable write in NA

Banking Coordinates for:
Correspondent -
S.W.I.F.T. code -
Beneficiary's Bank -
Account -
Beneficiary -



Please call with any questions.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you,