Team Training  SAVE 77% OFF TUITION

  • Training in a team with a live coach
  • Q&A in team learning environment 
  • ​8 Modules in 8 sessions
  • one-on-one review of your business plan
  • 1 year IBA membership 
    • ​Lead Generation
    • Broker Tool Folder 
    • Ongoing sessions w/ Q&A

Training Options 

IBA Academy 

Time has come for you as a next-generation entrepreneur to step up and take action. Our Academy makes you learn and experience the true meaning of this business in a worldwide unique approach.

We challenge you with a real entrepreneurial endeavor in an emerging market. Your role is to step up as an entrepreneur and learn by doing. By collaborating with teammates across cultures in a mostly virtual setup, you experience what it takes to become a next-generation broker.

At IBA Academy we are committed to providing a high-class education for all our future certified brokers. Our recent rapid drive for improvement means we are focused on every trainee achieving to the best of their abilities and being given the opportunity to raise their aspirations, in an interactive and professional environment, through enjoyment and engagement.

We aspire to develop confident adults who are able to set challenging goals for themselves, which through hard work and determination we will help them to achieve.

For you to be accepted into IBA Academy you must:

Pass the IBA Business Profile Assessment Analysis. 

Fill out the Team or One-on-One Application.

International Brokers Association

What our trainees are saying

Our IBA Coaches are qualified professionals with training experience and 20 years of collective experience in the International broker business. IBA Coches are active, working professionals at the top of their games, and highly respected in their fields. Thier passion is to teach and help others to live their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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One-on-One Personalized Training 

  • Training with your own personal tutors
  • Personalized Coaching sessions / Mentoring.
  • Website & Business Email
  • 8 Modules in 16 sessions 
  • 1year IBA membership
    • ​​Lead Generation
    • Broker Tool Folder
    • Ongoing sessions w/Q&A

Academy Coaches

“The trainer did an excellent job with the training sessions. He went through the examples at a pace that made it possible to keep up. He took our questions comfortably, and he certainly showed the depth of knowledge that he needed to deal with explaining the business and answering our questions. My experience in the training was wonderful.”

"My experience at IBA Academy has been invaluable!  The program was both challenging and supportive."

"The coaches treated trainees with patience and highly invested in the success of everyone in the team. Everyone was approachable, and the entire program facilitated both advanced research and learning.  My assignments were rigorous and intellectually stimulating, and many of my sessions provided me with advanced skills that will be invaluable for my business as a broker.  My learning here has truly been transformative."