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International broker Academy

Low-Cost Start-Up Business

Most of what you need you already have, computer, internet, phone ... You just need to invest in your preparation for success. 

What Academy course participants are saying...

"The whole course was very helpful, particularly if there was no prior experience with Import/Export"

"Great course, very good at demonstrating the capabilities of theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios."  

"Hands-on experience valuable. Interspersing research assignments with Module Lectures helped reinforce starting my business concepts."

“We are on a mission to make your working life passionate, successful and rewarding.”


  • Work from home or any place in the world!
  • Be your own boss and become a leader.
  • Have no limits on your earnings.  
  • Low-cost start-up business.
  • Open your new business and use the experience of our team.
  • IBA will guide you and mentor you through the training. 
  • Use our leads and learn how to get your own. 
  • Start today and find the passion and success in this new career!! 

We now have Team Training with lots of benefits and you save over 75% off tuition. 

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Our training is personalized to each individual through our Brokers Academy

The Training includes:

  • Personalized sessions with a coach broker
  • Online training 
  • Hands-on training 
  • Mentoring and coaching 
  • Final Certification Test
  • Leads generation assistance
  • Training is intensive 

This businesshas many niches, we will help you find yours if you don't already have one.

No need to have experience, Contact Us for more information. 




Work form anyplace 

You can work from home, an office or a beach as long as you have access to internet your location can be any place in the world. 

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This business is not for everyone, we are looking for serious individual who will work with passion and integrity.

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